Ruth – Part 3

November 17, 2019
God used Ruth to bring about a blessing Ruth would have no idea about.  Ruth was simply making the best choices she could for her life at the time.  What do you suppose Ruth was thinking now that she was married to Boaz? In what ways have you seen God take a situation and use it to bring about His blessings for you or someone else?  Have you ever looked back at something that seemed insignificant at the time only to see how significant it was in bringing about God's good and perfect will?  What thoughts went through your mind regarding that experience? Have you ever stopped to think that today's decision, action, or  spoken word may be part of a bigger plan that God is working on bringing into fruition?  Does that thought impact your choices, actions or words today?

Ruth – Part 2

November 10, 2019
There were many obstacles Ruth and Naomi would have to overcome on their journey back to Bethlehem. As you reflect these portions of Ruth, what were some of those obstacles? How might God have been active in helping them overcome the obstacles in their way? When we start out on any journey, we calculate not only what we need to take along with us and what we'll need to leave behind, but we also contemplate what obstacles we might have to compensate for on our way. As you look back at your reflections from last week's questions and consider the journey you're on, what obstacles might come up on your way? How might you prepare for those? What strategies could you employ to help you navigate around or through those obstacles? How do you notice God's presence and/or provisions regarding them?

Ruth – Part 1

November 3, 2019
Have you ever gone on a journey? What kind of journey was it? Where was your starting point? Where were you headed? Did you ever arrive? What did you need for your journey? Were there things you had to leave behind in order to make this journey? We're all on a journey. We get up in the morning because we have a purpose, a drive, a reason. We are spinning on this celestial ball through space at this particular moment in the unfolding of events in the progression of time. It is not an accident that you are here, in this place, at this time, as a unique creation of the Heavenly Father's. What journey are you currently on? Where do you want to end up? What will you need in order to get to your destination? What might you need to let go of and leave behind so that you can move toward your desired outcome?