This week we'll talk about the timing of Jesus' coming and that when He comes, he cleanses out the temple to root out corruption and prepare the people for the presence of God. Is there anything we can learn from rehashing this old story? Is it just a nice story we tell every year the Sunday before Easter, or is there something more to it, something that could potentially apply to us here in 2020?

All In

March 30, 2020
Now that you've read the Scripture, do you still have the same thoughts about Zacchaeus or has something changed? If so, what changed and why? Contemplate those questions a bit and maybe even journal about them. A few more things to consider might be, who was Zacchaeus, what feelings do or would you have if he was a living breathing person in your world right now? Can you think of any modern day Zacchaeus'? What arises in you as you think of those? Is it positive or negative? Could you have both positive and negative feelings about that person? What would lead to those negative feelings? What would lead to the positive ones? Who do you know that has changed yet you struggle to see them as the new person they are in Christ? What do you suppose those struggles are really about? Spend some time in prayer inviting the Lord to work within you, allowing His Spirit to transform you, love you and lead you.

The Heart of Discipleship

February 10, 2020
As we move forward as a church, it is important that we too take the time necessary to establish a strong foundation on which to build thriving, sustainable ministries that will be effective for reaching the lost and for growing strong, world changing disciples for Jesus Christ.  The work we will be doing with John Randall is part of building that foundation.  I am so excited for what God will do and have seen visions of how God will use this church in vital ways in this community.  Brothers and sisters in Jesus, for such a time as this, Jesus is doing a new thing.  He has a plan and this is just the beginning. God is always pursuing you, always loving you, always with you.  Let his love come over you, enjoy His love, let it awaken in you a passionate love for Him, and let it set your heart on fire. God is good, all the time. All the time.....