The Good News of Easter

April 12, 2020
Jesus is alive, Christ has overcome! Join Pastor Sheri as she reminds us to soak in the true meaning of Easter. Joy isn't found in our circumstances, it is found in Christ. Your world might be turned upside down but remember JESUS IS ALIVE!! Happy Easter!

Exploring New Birth

March 16, 2020
Nicodemus was searching and exploring this new way of faith that had come into his world. He was a highly educated Jew who was well versed on matters of the law and his culture. As Jesus came on the scene, Nicodemus became more curious about who Jesus was and what this new way of life that he talked about was like. As he explored Jesus and His teachings, he came with an open mind, eager to learn more. He was exploring the life that Jesus offered.

The Cost of Following Jesus

February 24, 2020
In this pericope, we learn that many people decide to leave Jesus. Jesus had just spent time feeding the crowds and then teaching on the True Bread from Heaven. He fed their bellies then fed their spirits with Truth. As he taught about spiritual truths and the work of God many who had begun following him decided that His teaching was too hard to accept, and so they left. Why do you suppose John chose to put this story in his account of the Gospel? What can you personally learn from this portion of Scripture? What can the Church learn? How might we utilize this information as we move forward on our discipleship journey?