May 17, 2020
Jeremiah was a prophet to the Israelites during the time of their exile into Babylon. He spoke the Word of the Lord but no one listened. They ignored Jeremiah's warnings. Jeremiah was treated very poorly and suffered hardships of many kinds, yet, he remained faithful. At this time there were also many false prophets. These prophets were leading people astray. The people listened to them because they liked what these prophets were saying. The lies they were sharing talked about comfort and a quick return to Israel. The word of the Lord that Jeremiah shared told them it would be a long time before they returned to Israel so settle in and make yourselves at home. The Israelites didn't like that thought so they chose to listen to the lies of the false prophets. I imagine that when the Israelites find themselves being taken into exile in a foreign land their natural questions might be, where's God in this, what's going to happen to us, are we going to be OK?