Head Forward

April 26, 2020
This week we begin our H.O.P. E. series. For the next four weeks we will explore the hope that we can hold onto in turbulent times and the hope that there is a new future ahead of us. I firmly believe there is a bright future ahead for the Church. The Church is God's plan for reaching others with His love and instilling hope into hurting world. I think we can all agree that we live in a hurting world. And yet, we have the hope that sets people free! We have the hope of eternal life! We have the answer the world needs. Jesus. Jesus is leading His Church, I am certain of that. As you prepare for Sunday, be in prayer asking God to open our ears, our minds, and our hearts to hear Him and follow Him where He leads. Ask God to lead the Church boldly into the future. Be in an attitude of openness, willing and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak and to move in you and through you and through His body on earth. Be in prayer for his Church at Battle Ground UMC. Jesus is Lord of the Church and King of the world. Let's humble ourselves and bow before Him in reverence and willingness to go where He leads.