Paul is one of the strongest, most devout evangelists for Jesus in the New Testament.  He wrote a majority of the letters we have in the New Testament.  He has deep theology and great instruction on living a life for Christ.  As we have been journeying through the phases of faith development, we now come to that of a maturing disciple.  I think it safe to say that Paul is a good picture of what a mature disciple of Jesus looks like.  We will never attain full maturity in Jesus this side of eternity.  However, we can have areas of deep maturity in our walk with Jesus.  Someone who has developed in their faith maturity has very distinct traits.  These are not character traits, but behavioral traits. As you read this Scripture and from your understanding and knowledge of Paul, what traits do you see in his life that might signify a mature faith?

Let’s Hang Out Together

February 2, 2020
I'm intrigued by Jesus' response to those who were following him. As you read that, what do you notice? There were a couple invitations given in this pericope. What were they? What was the context in which they were given? How were they responded to and what happened as a result? This Sunday we'll look at these things and at what we can glean from them for our own journey of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.